Welcome to ReadyDiver™!

This site is for you — Divers, Professionals, Boats, & Centers – as a source of risk information and distribution, including: education, management, reduction and prevention, and to challenge you to think critically, gain greater understanding of events and accidents, and explore risk threshold – all in a preventive manner, and further — to reinforce dive skills, dive experience, and continuing education.front_right_banner150x654

Come often, send your friends and bring your ideas.  Always feel you can share suggestions for the industry that will be honestly explored.

The ReadyDiver program is not an income source. There are no fees for this site.  It is provided as a service only.

This site will provide scenarios as an exercise to manage risks that occur in diving.  Visit monthly to explore how you would manage a situation to prevent an event or emergency.

Because five issues are commonly attributed to dive accidents, please remember to:

  • Dive your skill, experience and certification level
  • Refrain from underestimating the difficulty of the activity
  • Never over estimate your abilities
  • Don’t be too focused on a goal
  • Plan ahead, including for emergencies

Information is available regarding the difficulty of most dive locations around the world.  Educate yourself, and choose local dive sites or dive travel wisely.

Seminars are available in your area,  at public dive shows or sponsored by a ReadyDiver Pro.

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